Meant to be a place to present things which are of my interest, this website is about

music I have created,

podcasts I have recorded, and

comics I have read.

(Yes, I know, there are not enough images on this page.)


Here I present some pieces of music which I have created or in which I participated. The list is sorted chronologically.


Recorded Summer 1997 in Essen, Germany. It consists of a repetetive bass part (played by my best friend bassboss), some percussive drums (played by me), and two different guitar tracks (played by some collegues of bassboss and mine). Besides, you'll hear some German vocals (sung by bassboss and me). I think at those times we were a little influenced by the German band Rammstein. At least the way of singing left some marks in my taste. Unfortunately, the sound quality is not too good, but nevertheless I think it gives some impression of our music taste we had then.

download noma.mp3 (3 min 34 sec, 3.3 MB)


Recorded November 1997 in Essen, Germany. The main idea of this composition was to create something influenced by Asian music. I am not too sure if I had success with this. When I listen to it today, I still like it (but maybe it is a little bit too long). Those times I had a Yamaha DB-50 daughterboard attached to a ususal Soundblaster PC sound card, and used Steinberg Cubasis to record all the MIDI notes. This daughterboard was quite amazing: the heart of it was the Yamaha XG50 sound chip, and besides lots of in-built sounds it also offered lots of effects like reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, and the like.

download china.mp3 (8 min 04 sec, 5.6 MB)


Recorded November 1997 in Essen, Germany. Here I tried to create something which has a monotonuous character, containing several layers of sequences, and a simple but catchy drum pattern connecting everything. The equipment used for creating this is the same as in china.

download contact.mp3 (5 min 14 sec, 5.1 MB)

the duvalls - planet duvall

The Duvalls is the band I played in from 1998 until 2000. We recorded a CD, and we also had a couple of gigs in and around Essen, Germany. The band had five (later only four) team members. Finis, our frontman, was a 40-year-old rapping American who has spent some time in a gymn. JJ Duvall played guitar, Curly Sue Duvall played keyboards. Bassboss could be found playing the bass (what a surprise), and I did my workout at the drums.

Our style of music was something between funk, hard-rock, and rap. Maybe I will put the original Duvalls homepage to this site some day in the future, but in the meantime I present the 5 songs which were released on our CD called "Planet Duvall".

download 01_boyfriend.mp3 (4 min 07 sec, 3.8 MB)

download (3 min 46 sec, 3.5 MB)

download 03_piece.of.cake.mp3 (3 min 53 sec, 3.6 MB)

download (3 min 19 sec, 3.1 MB)

download 05_rare.groove.mp3 (3 min 39 sec, 3.4 MB)


Recorded February 2006 in an appartment close to Brussels, Belgium. While I was not completely bored, I nevertheless had some time playing around with Ableton Live. This is the result. I used my laptop and a headset to do all the recordings. There is no other instrument involved. After the recording was done, I added some effects on the recorded samples. Finally, I just put all the samples in a looped environment. Complete recording took me about 2 hours. And ... er ... don't take this piece of music too seriously ;-)

download mouthbeat.mp3 (2 min 38 sec, 2.4 MB)

age yerooz

Recorded between October 2005 and April 2006 in Erlangen and Frankfurt/Main, Germany, and somewhere in the USA. This is a cover version of an older Persian song. We liked it, and we just started to record our own version. Who are "we", by the way? At the moment there are four members in our band: Peyman (singer), Joe (harmonica), bassboss (bass and guitars), and me (drums). Maybe interesting is the fact that Peyman and bassboss live in the area of Frankfurt/Main, Germany, Joe is located somewhere in the USA, and I live in Erlangen, Germany. So we never played alltogether (in fact I have only just recently met Peyman once at a party, and I never got in contact with Joe), but instead we just have distributed our recordings to each other in an incremental way. Hence the name of the band is "Distributed Increment".

download ageyerooz.mp3 (3 min 48 sec, 3.5 MB)

boom yeah

This is the first piece of music I recorded together with my son Jan. I recently bought a cheap microphone just exactly to be able to do such recordings, but so far it was just my hidden wish to do so. I was more than pleased when I realized that Jan really had fun doing the recording. We did the recording in January 2013

download boomyeah.mp3 (1 min 04 sec, 1.0 MB)


Some weeks ago (April 2013) Jan just asked if he and I could do some more recordings, just like the Boom Yeah. Well, guess my answer :-) We recorded more musical snippets this time. After the recordings was done (meaning after one hour or so when Jan noticed that all this recording can become a little bit boring after a while) I started a lenghty post-processing session. The outcome of this session was this and the following piece of music.

download elefant.mp3 (1 min 51 sec, 1.7 MB)


As already mentioned in the previous paragraph, I created two pieces of music out of the recording session with Jan, in April 2013. This is the second song.

download sesamstrasse.mp3 (2 min 39 sec, 2.4 MB)


Yeah, I am so proud of myself: After literally years of non-productivity I finally (hence the name) more or less finished a new piece of music. This time my motivation was quite high because this track was my contribution to the Coursera course Introduction to Ableton Live. Actually, since I am an avid user of Live since years, I didn't need this course at all, but I used me participating in this course as the Big Motivation Machine, since it is part of this course to create some tracks and have them peer reviewed by other course participants. And this worked: One evening in February 2015 I sat down and created this track "Finally" in something like 4 hours. I am incapable of putting this track into a category. Describing it as "up tempo" and "drum centric" would be not so wrong. Anyways, I hope someone will like it. BTW, you can find this track also on (but there it has the quite genius name "Lesson 2 Assignment Project").

download finally.mp3 (3 min 05 sec, 4.2 MB)


Feuerpod Folge 01

Die wirklich erste Folge von Jans Podcast "Feuerpod". In dieser Pilotfolge geht es um das Computerspiel "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild". (Zu Beginn des Podcasts erwähnen wir kurz, dass es eigentlich ja schon eine andere erste Folge gibt, aber diese soll hier nicht weiter interessieren. Bitte gehen Sie weiter, es gibt hier nichts zu sehen.)

Feuerpod Folge 01 (31 Min 44 Sek, 30,5 MB)

Feuerpod Folge 02

Die zweite Folge von Jans Podcast "Feuerpod". Selbst völlig von uns überrascht haben Jan und ich es geschafft, tatsächlich eine zweite Folge unseres Podcasts aufzunehmen und zu veröffentlichen. Dieses Mal geht es um das Computerspiel "Snipperclips".

Feuerpod Folge 02 (15 Min 54 Sek, 15,3 MB)

Feuerpod Folge 03

Die dritte Folge von Jans Podcast "Feuerpod". Nachdem wir uns etwas Pause gegönnt haben, konnten wir unsere in der Zwischenzeit gesammelten Superkräfte nun endlich dafür nutzen, eine weitere Folge aufzunehmen. Dieses Mal geht es ... tätärätä ... um ein Computerspiel: "Steep".

Feuerpod Folge 03 (26 Min 27 Sek, 25,4 MB)


After you have enjoyed reading all the serious novels and lyrics which is out there (e.g. the funny and easy-to-understand novels like James Joyce's "Ulysses" or Martin Heidegger's "Vom Wesen der Wahrheit") I suggest trying to enter the world of comics. I am frequently amazed by serious and deep work of creation, made by comic artists. Make no mistake, comics is not just Walt Disney.

I have to admit that I envy comic artists for their abilities, but hey, you can't be good in all things ;-) At least I read a lot of comic strips. In the following you'll find a selected list of comics I can just recommend.

online comic strips

Online comics are normally presented piece-by-piece, often on a day-by-day basis.

Calvin & Hobbes, by Bill Watterson

Dilbert, by Scott Adams

Userfriendly, by J.D. Frazer aka Illiad

I think that Calvin & Hobbes and Dilbert are really famous - most likely you have already heard about them. I fear that Userfriendly must appear somewhat weird to persons who are not deeper involved in computer business. Perhaps this one is more suitable to you?

Some additional note about Calvin & Hobbes: Unfortunately, the website is not free anymore. Several years ago it was possible to read online all (if I remember correctly, it was more than 1000) the comic strips ever made. (I must know this because I have read them all ;-)

comic books

While online comics are good for entertainment in between, a comic book normally gives you something more complete. Their story is told in more than only a handful of drawings. Some of the books listed below have 200+ pages, all filled with drawings, telling one story. I will give a very short summary without any spoiling, together with a similary short comment. In general, I can just simply recommend all of them!

Marjane Satrapi - Persepolis

Graphical novel about a girl growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution. There is also a second part which continues this story. The girl has become a young woman, and she has moved to Europe for studying. Personally, I liked the first part more because its content was more dramatic. I did like the drawing style because it was simplistic and monochromatic, but very powerful. There are no shades of grey, just black and the color of the paper.

Keiji Nakazawa - Barefoot Gen

Manga (Japanese comic) story in four parts. It tells the story about a boy called Gen who lives in Hiroshima during and after World War 2, after the atomic bomb was dropped. Maybe interesting is that the whole story is more or less autobiographical. I was really moved by the story, but I needed some time to get used to the drawing style.

Osamu Tezuka - Adolf

Again a manga story, but now in five parts. Again the story takes place during World War 2, but it is a work of real fiction. There are three characters named Adolf in this novel, and they are all connected to each other. Very interesting, very intriguing. I could not stop reading the books until I had reached the end.

Art Spiegelman - The Complete Maus

This comic book tells another story about World War 2. It shows the Jewish author (Art Spiegelman) talking to his father in the (if I remember correctly) the 1980ies. The son asks his father about the very difficult life during the war which he has spent in Poland. The father and his wife finally escaped, but as you can imagine, he has seen a lot of deaths. The story is told in form of a tale: all the characters are animals: Jews are mice (hence the name "Maus", the German translation of "mouse"), Germans are cats, Polands are pigs, French are frogs, and Americans are dogs. While I was not completely fond of the drawing style I was deeply moved by the story. A must-read.


A cartoon is an animated comic. You all know what I mean. Although I like cartoons in general, most of them are made for kids. As I am not a kid anymore, I present some very special cartoons for grown-ups which are available on the Internet.

Joe Cartoon

Happy Tree Friends

Some note ... the cartoons above ... I really like them ... but I'm sure they won't meet everybody's taste.

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